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port 24/7

a world-class port

From potato chips to sneakers to iPods. Almost all products pass through the port of Amsterdam before being shipped to the rest of the world. Ships call here to load or unload before sailing on. Goods coming in by ship go out again on freight lorries, inland waterway vessels or trains and find their next destination, be that a factory for further processing or a store for consumers sales. 65,000 people, from crane operators to logistics experts, make sure that this flow of goods keeps moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In Port 24/7, you will discover all the things that go on in the port of Amsterdam. A spectacular, twenty-metre long model will give you some idea of just how large the port area is - stretching all the way from IJmuiden to the Oranje Locks. You can also experience what travelling through the port is like in an exciting container ride. At breakneck speed, you will get a container's-eye view of the port. And of course, you will also learn about how the port grew through the ages from its humble beginnings as a port on the river IJ to Europe’s 4th-largest port.

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