the company fund goes to hong kong


The Company Fund, our circle of private donors, now has a dependency in Hong Kong. A leading Chinese businessman has taken the helm, and so this "Chamber" can now be officially launched.

The Company Fund consists of 17 chambers, each led by a Lord or Lady (the Lords and Ladies XVII), mirroring the administrative model of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. The members support The National Maritime Museum financially and, from their positions in society, act as museum ambassadors.

The Hong Kong Chamber joins The Company Fund's other international chambers in London and New York. International Chambers are invaluable in establishing contacts that can lead to many things, even whole new exhibitions. The Chamber in Hong Kong will not only be a very valuable addition to The Company Fund in its own right, but serve as our "Gateway to the Orient". Its members are Chinese nationals and Dutch expatriates.

The National Maritime Museum does not intend to just take from Hong Kong - we are also giving. Our expertise lies in cultural enterprise, and in that area Hong Kong still has a long way to go. There are many organisations and authorities there that are eager to utilise our knowledge. Our director-general Willem Bijleveld recently gave presentations at the Hong Kong Design Institute and to a governmental organisation, and this autumn he will be traveling to Hong Kong again.