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our guests give us eight out of ten


Several times per month, Motivaction polls visitors (aged 12 and up) to The National Maritime Museum about their experiences. We use the resulting recommendations to improve our museum wherever possible.

In the first half of 2012, our guests gave the museum in average rating of 7.9 out of 10. Visitors were most pleased with the atmosphere in the museum and the service-oriented attitude of our crew. A resounding majority plans to return to the museum.

We have clearly broken out of the 'museum for men' stereotype. Women are finding their way to us as well, and the gender ratio of visitors is now exactly 50-50. We are also popular among young people these days. One-third of our visitors bring children.


Our exhibitions have been rated between 7.2 (The Glass, Silver and Porcelain) and 8.3 (East Indiaman Amsterdam). Points for improvement that have emerged are the legibility of some texts and technical functioning issues. Some visitors indicate that they would be interested in subjects like the darker side of shipping (slavery) and the development of shipping in the last 100 years. We will certainly be taking this type of feedback to heart in our future plans for new exhibits.

Both the theme exhibits (such as See you in the Golden Age and The Tale of the Whale) and the object exhibits (The Globes, The Ship Models, etc.) are well-attended. Visitors spend an average of a half day in the museum.


The service by our employees is rated very good (at 8.2). This goes for the tour guides and assistants in the museum, ticket sales, and the personnel in the restaurant and the shop. All score an 8 or higher in the areas of friendliness and assistance. Visitors also expressed their satisfaction with the restaurant, the Museum shop, the library and the other facilities (toilets, etc.).


Children are most enthusiastic about our Open Courtyard and its glass roof. They find the building beautiful, huge and impressive, and very different than expected. Tobias (12) says: "When you're in the courtyard, you feel as if you're outside on a nice day." The most popular exhibits for children are The Tale of the Whale, Voyage at Sea and the East Indiaman Amsterdam. The exhibits See you in the Golden Age, Port 24/7 and Sal & Lori and Circus at Sea get somewhat more mixed reviews, because these exhibits appeal to specific age groups. Children also indicate that they would like to see more "do" activities in the museum. As a result, we added some in our summer program, and there will be more new activities added during the autumn school holidays.