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steamship christiaan brunings

The steamboat Christiaan Brunings is back from maintenance on our private jetty by The National Maritime Museum

The Christian Brunings was built in an Amsterdam shipyard in 1900, commissioned by the Dutch government. With the hull of an icebreaker and at the time very luxurious accommodation, this stately ship also served as an executive vessel.

During the Second World War, the ship went into hiding in the mud banks of the Hartelse Gat, near Rotterdam. After the war, she got a new lease on life as a sounding vessel until 1968. Enthusiasts were able to save her from the scrapyard and she became part of the museum's collection, living the pampered life of a museum ship.

The Christian Brunings can be rented for cocktail parties and dinners, while sailing around the waters of Amsterdam or moored alongside Het Scheepvaartmuseum. For more information, please click on Location.